Tarot Card Meanings | What is Tarot Card

Tarot Card Meanings
Tarot Card Meanings
Tarot Card Meanings

It is not an easy task to interpret the meaning of each and every tarot card correctly.  As per the research study the traditional tarot deck comprises of 78 cards in total. The entire cards consist of major and minor arcane. Each and every card has its own symbol and meaning.

During the initial stages of reading the tarot cards you might encounter a lot of issues. Indore 78 tarot cards 22 cards are major arcane and 56 cards are minor arcane. The minor arcane comprise of 4 suits namely wands, cups, swords and coins. In this article let us discuss in detail about the meaning of the tarot cards.

Meaning of Minor Arcane

There are totally 56 minor arcana cards. It comprises of wands, cups, swords and coins. Each and every card has a unique meaning and symbols. Let me discuss in general without any specific purpose.

The Wands:

In general the wands in the Tarot cards associate with fire elements. It also indicates the energy level, creativity an innovative ideas. It talks about the independent behavior of the individual. This type of card gives an idea about the boldness of the individual and their productivity. This card speaks about competitive nature. In a classic Tarot cards there are 14 wand cards are available. Similar about the hurdles you might face in the future.

The six of wands talks about the outcomes of your effort. The seven of wands in the tarot reading ensures unbelievable fame in the future. The eight of wands gives an idea about the challenge you might face in the near future. In the tarot reading if you get the 9 of wands then you have to lead adjustable lifestyle in order to carry out your day to day activities without any issues. The 10 of wands in the tarot card speaks about your commitments and the requirements to achieve the goal in your life.

If you have a look at the court cards of wands, the page of wands explore your individual interest the journey of life. If you get Knight of wands in the tarot card then it indicates that you are a person with extraordinary energy level and a bold character to face all sorts of consequences without any fear. If you get the queen of wands in the tarot reading then it tells that you are a person with leadership qualities. Finally the king of wands indicates that you are a person who loves adventures.

The cups:

The cups of the tarot cards talks about the emotional and relationship status of an individual. It is associated with the elements of water. As usual there are 14 cup cards are available in the minor arcane.

The ace of cups indicates that the person is an open minded. Two of cups suggest the individual to concentrate on the relationships in order to maintain them for a longer period of time.

Number 3 of cups tells you that the person is always along with the similar frequency souls. The four and five of cups speaks about the disappointments and unfair circumstances in your life. Six and seven of cups enables you to get closer to your dreams and new hopes.

Eight, nine and ten of cups focus on the positive attitude in the life journey. The court cards of the cups suggest you to maintain a balance between positive and negative emotions in life.


The swords are associated with the elements of Air. It talks about the external and internal conflicts. The number cards of the swords focus on the mental and physical strengths to tackle the hurdles in the life journey. It motivates to develop positive energy for better future.

The court cards of the swords assist you to go ahead with unfavorable circumstances and strive hard to achieve your goal. It requests the person to leave behind his/her worries and unfavorable past. Work hard for better future life.


The coins refer to the elements of earth. Here it handles the material and physical things like money, land etc. It talks more about the prosperity of the individual. The number cards of the coins focus mainly on the optimum ways to earn money. You have to stay calm and continue with your daily activities despite of bad situations.

You will acquire money in different ways and it talks more about the generosity nature of the individual. The court cards of coins encourage the individual to perform their duty without expecting anything in return. These cards talks more about the karma cycle.

Major Arcane

This set of cards deals with the spiritual and self awareness of an individual. It comprises of life lessons related to different traditions like Egypt, Buddhist, Hebrew, and Christian etc. There are 22 cards in total where one of the cards is unnumbered. The unnumbered card is nothing but a fool card.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Do the tarot card reading is reliable?

Most of the time the tarot card reading is not reliable. It is just a myth and superstitious belief. The playing cards in the ancient period has now reshaped into fortune telling cards.

  • How many cards you can select while reading the tarot cards?

Some of the practitioners ask you to select 6 cards. Few of them request you select just a single card. It depends on the tarot readers. So follow the instructions provided by the tarot readers before you begin with this tarot reading.

  • Is it possible to change the card soon after the selection?

No, it is not possible to reselect the cards. Once selected you cannot interchange them. Whatever card you chose will be final and you cannot do anything soon after the selection process.


Tarot reading seems to be very interesting but it is not highly reliable. You can play it just for fun without taking anything in to serious. The reading varies with one tarot readers to the other. It depends on the perspective of the individuals.

You will not be able to hear similar observations of the same tarot card. From this you are clear that you can make use of these tarot cards only for certain extent but do not believe in this type of reading while taking crucial decisions in your journey of life.

Enjoy it as a play without following the readings seriously because it may lead to failure outcomes. Be careful with the tarot readers because even fake readers are available to earn income from the fears of people. It is highly advisable to believe yourself instead of following the tarot readings.



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