What is Myers Briggs | All about Myers Briggs

What is Myers Briggs

  Myers Briggs is one of the psychological theories proposed in the year 1943 by Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. Katherine and Isabel were mother and daughter as per the history. According to the history this theory came into existence when Isabel realized the theories seems to work well when she met her husband for the first time. Moreover Isabel found that Myers Briggs theory has greater resemblance similar to Jung’s theory proposed by a Swiss psychiatrist in the year 1920. Later she and…

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Types of Personality | Fundamental of Personality Types

Types of personality

Full Introduce of Types of personality In a wider note there are different types of personalities exist. But according to the Myers Briggs theory there are 16 combinations of personalities are available. In this article let us learn in detail about the 16 types of personalities from the perspective of Katherine and Isabel. The duo was responsible in framing these 16 combinations of personalities and converted this theory as a tool for practical applications. Katherine and Isabel restricted their view with in a matrix of 16…

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Myers Briggs Type Indicator | All About MBTI

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The short form of Myers Briggs Indicator tool is MBTI. It is a personality test tool developed by Katherine and Isabel with help of Jung’s psychology theory. Jung proposed a four dimension personalities whereas Katherine and Isabel extended Jung’s views into 16 possible personalities using a 4*4 table. This type of instrument greatly helps to establish conflict management and enhances in the business processing. The Human resource department in an organization makes use of this tool to form a team of like minded people for…

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Fun quizzes | Fundamentals Ways and Techniques

Fun quizzes

Quiz is an effective platform to test your skills and knowledge. The term ‘quiz’ came into existence in the year 1781. Initially it had no meaning at all but after some years this word owns a meaning that ‘testing your knowledge’.  Fun quiz is one of the classifications in quiz. It refers to testing the knowledge with fun. There are fun personality quiz, fun life quizzes etc is available in the online mode for self assessment. In fun quizzes you will be able to witness…

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Myers Briggs Personality Test | All about MBPT

Myers Briggs personality test

Do you have any idea about Myers Briggs personality test? Let us make an elaborate discussion and learn more about the insight of this personality test. Myers Briggs is an innovative theory proposed by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. A mother and her daughter formulated it. They formulated this theory from the inspiration of Jung’s theory. Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers named this theory as Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBIT) by combining their names. The personality tests focus on the perspective of an…

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